Enjoy your time in the kitchen.

A sharp knife is safer and more enjoyable to use. Your dinner deserves it!

Hello, from The Sharpening Guy!



It is a truly bittersweet announcement to let you know that I will be ceasing operations. I have been so blessed with the community’s patronage over the past two years. I can’t articulate how thankful I am.

Thank you again Southern Ontario for the support. It’s been my pleasure.

I have professionally sharpened thousands of knives throughout my career as a cook and high-end kitchen wares retailer. Whether it is a dollar store beater or a $1000 handmade heirloom piece I will get your knife crazy sharp, by hand on Japanese water stones. Cooking should be enjoyable and safe and a sharp knife makes that possible.


$8 for small knives (5 inches and under)

$12 for large knives (Over 5 inches)

*Repairs extra,

Sadly, no serrated knives at this time.

Pickup and drop off for any order of three knives or more.

Home pick up and drop off, it’s easy!

Pick up:

Contact me to set up a day for pick up! Indicate if you prefer contactless pick up, or me knocking when I arrive.

The morning of pick up, simply have the knives ready to go. If contactless have them in their indicated spot (For example in the mailbox or similar spot) during the pick up time seen below.

Drop off:

Your knives will be sharpened by hand on Japanese water stones leaving them crazy sharp and they will be back home that same day during the drop off time! For payment I accept cash and major credit cards through Paypal, whatever is easiest for you is best for me.

Pick up and Drop off times:

Pick ups: 9:00am – 11:00am        

Drop offs: 6:00pm – 8:00pm       

Guelph Sharpening Guy

Always happy to connect. Find me @SharpGuelph

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